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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that is gain both formally and informally as you work, beyond any initial training. It’s a record of what you experience, learn and then apply.

airTeem® offer CPD sessions based around their product(s) the airBody Dryer®, formerly apresShower® Body Dryer. This certificate is important evidence that the organisation is implementing a reflective and forward thinking approach to an improved knowledge base of the team at junior and senior levels. Also, in context of increased regulation this provides a great opportunity to audit evidence and record best practice.

The Northwest, UK

Peter Williamson has worked with the NHS for well over a decade on the front lines with older people, those affected by mental illness and within a general hospital settings. He has provided training in a variety of clinical areas and is pleased to now be able to offer CPD sessions in association with airTeem® for the benefit of the NHS and private sector staff.

His sessions are always well received and informative, tailored primarily to intermediate care settings but useful to any area where best practice in promoting independence is valued.

Please contact airTeem® using the form below to request a lunchtime CPD session with Peter for your staff group. The sessions are funded by airTeem® so are provided at no cost to the organisation. All participants receive a free lunch*, signed certificate of their attendance and learning.

*Lunch is dependent on facilities at the venue and the time constraints of staff.

The South, UK

David Spooner has many years of valuable experience in the assisted living market. With 22 years in Sales & Marketing and Research & Development with Nicholls and Clarke-Phlexicare division. More recently David has taken on the role as Information Secretary for the Access Association (London and Southeast). In addition, he has found time to be a trustee of Limbcare which is an independent living charity, a member for the Centre of Accessible Environments and is part of the British Standard committee advising on BS8300.

David provides a wide range of CPD sessions to occupational therapists, architects and other professionals in varying fields. His informative talks are tailored specifically for the audience and will educate where best practice in promoting independence is valued.

Please contact airTeem® using the form below to request a CPD session with David for your staff group.

Require a CPD session?

Please contact airTeem® with the form below to request a CPD session for your staff group. If you have any questions or requests, then please mention them in the enquiry or call us on 0161 761 7014.

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