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As health and social care professionals you help people carry out activities they need or want to do! But due to physical or mental illness or disability they may struggle completing everyday necessities of daily living such as preparing a meal or bathing.

The airBody Dryer is a piece of equipment that can help a person in their own home, supported by the people they know and love. Part of a multi disciplinary approach to achieving independence and well being in the community and residential setting. It can offer assistance in a multitude of situations.

Number of Falls, in over 65s' resulting in serious injury or death

3.4 million over 65s suffer falls/year that can result

in serious injury, and even death[1]

We have seen benefits in the following cases

Falls prevention – Whether related to episodic hypotension or loss of balance, falling can result in loss of confidence, serious injury or death. We have seen benefits in fall prevention by reducing the unbalancing movements involved in drying and therefore reducing the number of potential falls.

Amputee and Multi Amputee – There are approximately 5-6,000 major limb amputations in England/year[2]. Whether the person has difficulty drying themselves, standing to dry themselves or they cannot dry themselves. We have seen the airBody Dryer® empower the user and provide choice to their daily lives.

Arthritis – A person may find themselves unable to grasp a towel, move or bend. The airBody Dryer® can alleviate this problem by ridding the need for a towel, allowing them to maintain their dignity and confidence.

ALS – There are about 5,000 people living with the condition in the UK at any one time[3]. Throughout the gradual loss of ability in the person limbs the airBody Dryer® can be used as a long term strategy for people as they gradually lose the ability to move and lift. It can help delay the onset of invasive care and allow the person to remain in their own home for longer.

COPD – a person can be quickly exhausted by twisting and bending during drying. The airBody Dryer® can limit the exertion to the person and reduce involvement of a carer. Promoting independence and choice for the user and respite for the carer.

CPD sessions for the
airBody Dryer

airTeem® offer CPD sessions to occupational therapists and other professionals based around the body dryer concept and benefits.



Post Op – After surgery, people may worry they won’t be as independent as before and don’t want to burden loved ones. The airBody Dryer® could help to lessen this worry give them that extra independence.

Rehabilitation & Reablement – The airBody Dryer® can help a person restart and maintain their ability to carry out the everyday activities that have been affected by illness, injury or surgery.

OT’s have recommended this product for over 20 years. If you think our product can help your patient in the everyday task of drying please do get in touch and we can provide you with more information.
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[2] NHS, 2014, NHS Amputations. [online] Available at:[Accessed 3 March 2015]
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How to buy an airBody Dryer

airBody Dryer® is the ultimate all-over body dryer, using innovative technology to effortlessly dry you before you leave the shower. The perfect way to stay warm and get dry gently and fast; with no effort required. airBody Dryer® is the most hygienic way to dry, maintaining optimum temperature and ensuring efficiency as well as being environmentally friendly.

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