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The airBody Dryer® is a great asset to both the able bodied and disabled as once you have used one you feel lost without it when you go away. It makes you feel really dry and also an added benefit that it makes the whole room feel dry. Would recommend it!



DESIGNATE is a health-focused Interior Design Company specialising in Inclusive Design. We are committed to enabling people to manage major and minor health conditions with dignity, and by combining our Occupational Therapy and Interior Design skills we make functional fabulous!

The airBody Dryer® is aesthetic, space-saving eco- friendly and inexpensive to run. It is a ‘must have’ product for people with and without disabilities and so we have featured it in our Designs. A very important feature is its’ versatility making it beneficial to health. The option to position the control on the wall is useful for users and carers and assists in falls prevention. Many bathrooms have poor heating resulting in the user becoming cold on exiting the shower area. The airBody Dryer® has a short but extremely effective all-over drying cycle, making using towels unnecessary, and because it can be located within the shower area users, particularly the elderly and frail, are able to stay warm between showering and dressing.

As with all products, The airBody Dryer® should be subject to a risk assessment before purchase as it may not be suitable for all users (e.g. severe respiratory conditions). However in general I consider it to be an excellent product 21st Century bathrooms!

Elaine Hollerhead
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Just a quick message to say thanks to you all for your time and consideration at airTeem in dealing with one of my tenants, it personally took me a while to find someone like yourselves to help find a solution so simple but yet so powerful. My tenant Mrs J is finding it wonderful. I’m so glad I did fit an airBody Dryer® product, for one, it has helped me make someone’s life much less difficult and the second point is that I haven’t lost a tenant and the family are saving money in less homecare fees.

I will surely be recommending your services to my friends and colleagues
Thanks Again

MAJ Property Services


We will not be able to install the air dryer until we move into the new house but it will be an absolute godsend for my son. He still has problems with co-ordination and balance as a result of his injuries and drying himself after having a shower can be difficult. I would like to say a huge thank you to Matthew – he approached us out of the goodness of his heart and it is such a nice gesture



My wife suffers from a condition called Fibro Myalgia, she also has a rare form of Rosacea and Arthritis. She has used an apresShower® Body Dryer for 10 years.

She has choice and her independence which gives her a better quality of life.

The body dryer is used everyday and requires no maintenance and I would recommend it to anyone.



About twenty years ago I purchased your hot air dryer [apresShower®] from Atlas Plumbing and Heating Supplies, Stretford, Manchester and it is still working very well. However, in the last twelve months I noticed that one of the two tubes that distributes the hot air developed a crack. As the tubes are made of hard plastic I used water repellent adhesive tape to cover the cracked tube. I decided to find somewhere that I could obtain a replacement part so I contacted Atlas Heating Co. and to my surprise the manufacturer was able to fulfill my order within seven days. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible and to the very reliable manufacturer who still makes this very excellent product.



I used none of my energy to get dry, just pressed a small rubber switch with my toes, and really enjoyed the sensation. My Apres Shower fits beautifully into a corner of my shower tray, looks very elegant there. It gives me great delight.

-St Helens, Merseyside


We are thrilled with the unit and Paul thinks it’s really good. We have not fitted a shower curtain yet, although it’s still very effective and warms up his shower room very well. We are all using it, not just Paul!

-Prestbury, Cheshire


Having had one of your hot air dryers installed for fifteen months, I thought I would write to say what a boon it is to my wife who is severely disabled with rheumatoid arthritis.
I always use the drier myself, and when away in a hotel for a few days recently, I found it a real nuisance to have to use a towel to get dried after a shower. Thank you for inventing and marketing such a useful appliance.

-Bolton, Lancashire


The multipurpose drier, it dries your body, hair and shower curtain. If you come in cold and have bad circulation, it heats the offending parts, not to mention the bathroom, more speedily than anything else I’ve tried.

-Stirling, Scotland

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